Sterilization, Here's What You Need to Know

Sterilization is a method of permanent contraception, which aims to prevent someone from having children. This procedure can be done on men or women. In men, sterilization is done by vasectomy. Whereas in women, sterilization can be done by tubal ligation or tubal occlusion. Vasectomy is a sterilization procedure by cutting the ducts that carry sperm to the penis. This action makes sperm not mixed with semen, so that semen cannot fertilize an egg. Whereas in women, sterilization is done by preventing sperm from meeting and fertilizing the egg. The process can be done by tubal ligation (binding or blocking the fallopian tubes) or by tubal occlusion (placing implants in the fallopian tubes). Sterilization does not affect hormone levels, sex drive, and a person's ability to have sex. Before discussing further, please note, this article will only discuss the types of sterilization in women, namely tubal ligation and tubal occlusion. Sterilization Indications Sterilization is car
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